Dean Baranitsky
Edmonton, Alberta
Phone: 780-779-1961

What the Black Hawk Offers

  • Power Conditioning and much more.
  • Boost, balance and stabilize voltage across all phases.
  • Power Factor improved to 95 plus.
  • Protects all electrical components from surges off of the grid.
  • 50,000 Kv lightning strike protection
  • Custom designed capacitance that balances load demand for entire breaker panel.
  • Reactive Power captured, processed across phase and stored in capacitance.
  • Performance of all electrical equipment improves and lasts longer.

Label 10
  1. Reduced kilowatt consumption
  2. Higher Power Factor significantly reduces demand charges
  3. All electrical components run on the voltage they demand
  4. Low and high voltage applications sensitive to power spikes allow equipment to receive consistent voltage
  5. Surge protection
  6. Reduced maintenance costs
  7. Electrical components run cooler and last longer:
  • Ballasts
  • Induction motors
  • Pump motors
  • Motor Control Centers
  • VFD’s
  • Universal Power Supply Rooms
  • Microprocessors
  • Solid state circuitry
  • HVAC
  • Electric lock downs
How the Black Hawk Works
All power coming into a facility is called Apparent Power and the power we use is Real Power. Some power is lost to ground and this is called Reactive Power. The Black Hawk Powerhouse unit captures this voltage and feeds it back through the system. The goal is to take Apparent Power and Real Power and "bring them closer together" called your Power Factor. (PF)

To do this, The Black Hawk Powerhouse adds capacitance to the system through a series of capacitors, which captures the Reactive Power lost to ground and puts it back into the system. Once the BlackHawk is installed, it is not unusual to see power factor numbers maintained above 95.

The Black Hawk will:
  1. Balance voltage across all phases.

  2. Balance the load between phases.

  3. Reduces line harmonics between the phases by 70-75%.

  4. Reduce or eliminates reactive energy loss.

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Available in 5 KVAR up to 1400 KVAR
Application Schematics
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Electric Grid or Dirty Electricity
Dirty Electricity" and other electrical pollutants come from a number of sources. Harmful high frequency energy can be picked up and carried along into a home or building as it makes its way to you from the utility.

It can come from homes or business, whose polluted electrical current may find its way into your electrical system though a shared transformer, or through your water pipes (plumbing current) caused by grounding and wiring problems, or through ground current as the electricity makes its way back to the substation via the ground. (Reactive Energy or Var) Most of the dirty electricity is created by electrical devices in manufacturing facilities, commercial business and homes.

Computers, TVs, florescent tube, CFL and low-voltage halogen lighting and virtually all of today's energy-efficient electronic devices induce high levels of high frequency harmonics and electrical "noise" back onto circuits and then into a building's electrical system creating an invisible, powerful, high frequency EMF called "dirty Electricity". This happens when transformers and power supplies convert our AC current to the low voltage power used to run all of our electronics. In the process of saving energy these energy-efficient devices chop up the conventional AC 60Hz sine wave and create what are known as electrical "transients".